Upholstery Cleaning


With so many different fabrics used for upholstery, identifying them is very important,  as the finding is what dictates which cleaning method is best used.For example, on finding that an upholstery fabric contains viscose/rayon, this would immediately alert us to the fact that this particular fabric needs the water and moisture level kept very low.

The majority of fabrics however, ARE wet cleanable, using the industry recognised and preferred method of hot water extraction, also know as steam cleaning.To break down soiling in the fabric, we spray an Eco friendly cleaning solution onto the sofa or chair, immediately working this in, which helps break the bond between soiling and fabric.

After a short dwell, if required, we’ll then remove the product, along with the soiling,¬† using the hot water extraction method. We can do this very successfully and drying times are reduced, as we use wonderfully green, free rinsing products, coupled with the high power of our machines, which happen to be the latest innovative carpet & upholstery machines out there.

Upholstery cleaning can be skilled work, laborious and very challenging, no wonder so many carpet cleaning companies shy away from this field of work.