Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) e.g. dust, fibres, hairs, pollutants, allergens etc.

VOCs are released from carpets & fabrics and become airborne every time we walk or sit down on the carpet or sofas/chairs, then we breathe in these VOCs. Even the sun shining into a room or the heating being on can make the air move around more, spreading these VOCs around in the air waiting to be breathed in. These VOCs are known to cause respiratory problems.



What can we do that is easy and deals with these VOCs and improves Indoor Air Quality?

The answer is simple, vacuum carpets regularly and have the carpets professionally cleaned once a year on average. This will improve the carpet’s appearance, extend it’s life and arguably the most important of all, improveindoor air quality, thus improving your health in general (not hire kit, this will not remove the VOCs). Let’s not forget also the beauty and luxury of carpets and how they not only filter the VOCs, readying them for vacuum removal and carpet cleaning removal (extraction), carpets also help to keep a room/home warm and keep noises/sounds quieter and of course bring comfort.

As a way of making a point regarding the VOCs like dust etc, just consider an office. Walk into the majority of offices and you’re going to see carpet, even if it is a low profile commercial one, it’s there because of how it keeps the dust from blowing around in the air and getting into sensitive office equipment. There you have it; carpets are easy to maintain, healthier because of this, they regulate temperature, sound and are great to walk/sit on, especially for young ones.

For more information visit the Carpet and Rug Institute