Q: Is price the main thing?
A: No! You get what you pay for. Not all carpet cleaners invest many thousands of pounds in high end machines and receive proper training/certification. Also, correct insurance which actually covers everything must be in place. With all this in mind a carpet cleaning company will not be as low priced as those who have an inferior set up, otherwise they’d go bust. For us, correct insurance and top of the range equipment is the only way we operate.

Q: I’ve heard that cleaned carpets re-soil quicker. Is this true?
A: Carpets will only re-soil quicker IF the wrong process is carried out. We at A+ Cleaning Services undertook training with Prochem and the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) and we certainly know how to match the process to the job in hand. Also, because of our choice of products and machines, we only leave carpets in a proper, clean state; thus carpets cleaned by us will not re-soil prematurely.

Q: Do all carpet cleaners have correct training or insurance?
A: No! Carpet cleaners are not regulated as they should be. Unfortunately, there are many carpet cleaners who lack correct training or insurance (not to mention equipment). A+ Cleaning Services are members of the NCCA and TACCA, both are associations which require carpet cleaners to have correct insurance before allowing them to join.

Q: What is ‘correct insurance’?
A: Correct insurance policies include ‘treatment risk’ which covers actually treating and working on your carpets. Many average carpet cleaners who quote a lower price for carpet cleaning typically don’t have ‘treatment risk’ to cover them for cleaning your carpet. You could end up paying damage costs if something goes wrong. We at A+ Cleaning Services have correct insurance cover.

Q: How long will the carpet take to dry?
A: Drying times vary. Things like carpet fibre type, construction type, soiling type (light/heavy/greasy) must be factored in as they alter pre-spray choice and amount sprayed on the carpet, as well as amount of airflow in the building, the temperature and humidity etc. Our products and machines allow for fast drying times; the surface of the carpet will barely be damp and in the right conditions will dry out in 1-2 hours.

Q: How long will the carpet cleaning work take?
A: Variables again will affect time. We get a good deal of work done in 1.5 – 2 hours for the average job.

Q: Should items and furniture be removed from rooms?
A: Yes please, removing breakables and anything you can is helpful. Naturally we can move furniture around if need be, and almost always work in pairs to make things quicker and easier.